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What Our Models are Saying:

I have been with Muse for almost two years now and couldn't ask for a better agency! They are always taking care of you. Greatest people in the industry guaranteed. When working with Darren, Tiffany and Juline you will find the most genuine, nicest people, focused on making you successful. They have the best clients and are connected with the nations top agencies. Thank you Muse for the continued support and guidance, Love you all!

-- Mariah, Portland, OR

Just wanted to thank you two for getting me started a decade ago. Life is stellar, I've lived all over the world and built a career doing something fun and different everyday. I live in LA now, just shot my first two films, life is kinda awesome. Wanted you guys to know how grateful I am for finding me in a mall in Salem and changing my life for the better and better.

-- Jamie, Los Angeles, CA

I have been working with Muse for about seven months and it has been a good experience. I was very skeptical when I was first scouted but have since found Muse to be a well respected, well established modeling agency. I have really enjoyed getting to know the owners, Darren and Tiffany, and the agency director, Juline They are very hardworking and some of the nicest, most genuine people I have met. They look out for, and take care of their models. I have found it very easy to get a hold of them, and I feel comfortable asking about anything that I am not clear on.They were honest in explaining what is involved in getting into modeling and I have been paid for all my work. The agency also has a very welcoming and comfortable environment. Darren is well respected by the clients he works with and is well connected. Through these connections he was able to get me signed with a top ten international agency in New York. I would recommend Muse to anyone interested in being represented by an honest, hardworking agency.

-- David, Salem, OR

Doing the Versace exclusive in Milan was awesome!! Wouldn't be here without you guys, so thank you so much! Im still up here in the clouds! Amazing experience...Back in NYC now, hoping to land another show when fashion week rolls around over here!

-- Garrison, Portland, OR

I was scouted by Muse Models 8 months ago. At that time, I was still in college finishing up my degree. But after I graduated Darren had already planned my trip to NYC with Ford to model there. I was surprised of how caring Darren and the crew were to me. If there was anything I needed they would be right there to help. I never had troubles reaching Darren, Tiffany, and Juline when I needed something. I remember my first day at the agency: I felt comfortable and at ease. Because of Muse's professionalism and their willingness to work around my schedule I'm looking forward to what the future holds.

-- Feliks, Portland, OR

I have been working with Muse models for over a year now. I've gotten steady work as well as a handful of international contracts. I've become a friend of the agency and feel it necessary to share how positive my experience has been. The owners of Muse, Tiffany and Darren are hard working and extremely helpful people who I have nothing but positive feelings towards. Juline, also part of the Muse team is amazing- she also has been so helpful in guiding my career. I really have to acknowledge them when considering my success. I have come to them consistently with questions of the inner and outer workings of the modeling business and they have always guided me successfully. When I left Portland to model internationally, Darren consistently checked in on me and vocalized any of my wishes on my behalf- he was a respectable and responsible agent even when I'm in a completely different place. I could not of asked for a better support system at home while I was away. Every so often I come across criticism of Muse- and I have to say that the rumors are false. Models are taken care of, Muse works with great clients, pays their models, and most certainly represents themselves accurately. I have been paid for each and every job that I have worked. I gurantee the client lists are not fabricated- I've met and worked with a host of these clients and companies. All are entitled to their opinion about what either party could have done in a business relationship- but I assure you that Muse models is professional and respectable- similarly to the individuals who work there. I have always appreciated the basis of morality that Muse models has exercised and I admire their business practices wholeheartedly.

-- Sydney, Portland, OR

I am the mother of a 16 year old girl who has been working with Muse Models, the owners Darren and Tiffany, and the agency director Juline, for close to two years now. And let me tell you, they have been nothing short of AMAZING! Like many moms, I was very skeptical of the modeling business at first, and very protective of my daughter. Darren and Tiffany have gone above and beyond in making myself, and my daughter feel extremely comfortable and trusting with them and the agency. Shortly after my daugther signed with Muse, I trusted Tiffany so much, I allowed my daughter to fly to New York with her. Believe me, if I didn't have the utmost confidence and faith in her, I would have never let her go. I truly believe Muse has my daughter's best interests at heart and have been there for her, and myself, with any/every question we have had along the way, and we have had a lot!. We truly feel like we hit the jackpot of agencies when my daughter signed with Muse. Their professionalism, honesty and true caring nature are beyond reproach! If you are considering having your child, male or female, model in the Portland area, or abroad, I truly wouldn't even consider another agency other than MUSE MODELS.

-- Shari, Portland, OR

I modeled for Muse when they were still Mode, quite a few years ago. I was not one of their "international" models, but I worked some local stuff for runway, athletics and catalogs. I made some money and got some cool photos of myself. I consider it a positive experience. They actually sent my kid on a Nike casting and he got hired. Good start to his college fund!

-- Arthur, Beaverton, OR

We love Muse! It's been over a year now since signing a contract for Muse to represent my very young teenage daughter. They have been awesome to work with, professional, yet fun and have always looked out for my daughters "image". Having not had any prior exposure to this world of fashion, I have been quite impessed with their protective nature, making sure that all my daughter's shoots/castings and jobs have been age appropriate and constantly reminding her that "natural" is always the way to go.....ie: no makeup, natural hair and modesty are most important for future success. She turns 14 soon, turning into a young lady and Muse has been there to help me as a parent encourage and guide her because beauty starts from within...... :)

-- Lisa, Portland, OR

Having signed with Darren over eight years ago as a model, I have had many years of travel, fun, and good paying jobs. I was booked very quickly off of a sheet of digital photos before I even had a portfolio book. That first job paid for my comp cards, portfolio, and enough extra to keep coming back. Darren fought to represent me through the transition from Mode to Muse, and has been getting me even more jobs since. He is always curious to know what is going on in my life, and how to fit modeling and travel into my schedule. Starting in the modeling industry at 15, I am now 23, and have had to balance High School, University, then a full time job, with modeling. Keeping in constant contact with Darren and Juline has make this extremely manageable. I am looking forward to doing more traveling through the work that Muse is setting up for me. I never have to worry about a thing with them. Anyone who is questioning where or not to be represented by Darren at Muse should take trust in knowing that he will work tirelessly on your behalf, always be upfront and honest with you, and always pay what you are owed. Over the years I have grown to feel a sense of family with Darren and Tiffany, and Juline as well. I would highly recommend Muse to any aspiring or current model, you will find yourself having a great time in the modeling industry.

-- Isaak, Portland, OR

Been with Muse for about a year now and haven't experienced anything that required immediate attention. They have a really awesome staff and I have gotten a lot of work. Can't wait to see what else they have in store as the show goes on!

-- KD, Portland, OR

What Our Clients are Saying:

Muse Models is one of the premier agencies in the NW. Darren and all of the bookers at Muse are knowledgeable, helpful and such a pleasure to work with!

-- Liza Maslow, Nordstrom

Muse Model Management has been nothing but a joy to work with. As the producer for Swanson Studio I am constantly looking for new talent often with very short notice.

Darren has gone out of his way on several occasions to accommodate even my most outlandish requests. Most importantly, all of the models provided by Muse have been pleasant, punctual and professional. Thank you all at Muse!

-- Jolene Mattison, Swanson Studio

Working with Darren and Muse Models has always been a joy. Flexible, responsive, excellent follow through, models always show up on time - what more can you ask for. Muse is my preferred modeling agency.

-- Greg Sande, Sienna Creative Works, Inc

In an industry that is sometimes difficult and exploitative to be a part of, I find that the people at Muse Models are direct and honest, while still being compassionate and human. The models I work with from Muse always to come to set prepared and professional. They clearly have the best fashion board in town and because of their impeccable taste in who they represent, its easy to understand why they have so many models working, not only in the local market, but nationally and internationally as well.

-- Cully Wright, Photographer

Muse Models Rocks!! They have a vast selection of beautiful & professional talent to choose from. I especially enjoy working with Darren, he is always willing to put in the extra effort to source the talent we are looking for. Muse is always on the top of my call list when I'm looking for talent. Thank you!!

-- Aisha Harley, Portland Casting Agent

What International Agencies Are Saying:

I have been working with Tiffany and Darren for some time now and we love Muse Models! Not only do they find amazing new faces but they are very caring and trustworthy people to work with!! If you get scouted by them rest assured you will be in good hands!!

-- Erin Lundgren-Scimeca, New York Model Management, NYC

I would just like to say thank you on behalf of Wilhelmina Models for your professionalism and the amazing talent you always present to us here in NY. You and your team do an amazing job of developing new faces and working closely with us to help scout, develop and build top models for the industry. We rely upon mother agents like you to strengthen our roster and diversify our men's and women's boards.

It is always a pleasure speaking with your team over the phone or by e-mail, and in our business, like many others, it is the human connection and personal touches that make all the difference in deciding who we choose to continue working with around the world.

We look forward to a long lasting and successful working relationship and many future stars!

-- Roman Young, Wilhelmina Models, NYC

Darren and Tiffany of Muse Models are always on my radar and a must stop on my scouting circuit. They have the eye and the know how to find and develop the caliber of models we are looking for in our New York, Paris, London and Milan offices.

-- Jason Valenta, Next Management, NYC

I love working work Muse because they have the experience and connections an agency needs in this industy and they are honest and good people. they are always finding the best girls in the north west!

-- Butterfly Cayley, DNA Model Management, NYC

In my dealings with Muse the talent and professionalism of the agency have been top notch. New York is a tough city and the guys we have taken from them have had a good base knowledge and respect of the business that we sometimes do not see from other agencies outside of New York.

-- Blake Woods, Ford Models Inc, NYC

Major Model Management New York can not express how great it is to work with such a wonderful agency as Muse Model Management. Darren and Tiffany are a joy to work with. They treat their models like one of their own children, with respect and love. Many iconic designers have made their mark due to the continuous inspiration drawn by their muse. Muse Models has a great eye for talent and without a doubt will continue in developing models that inspire the fashion industry. .

-- Katia Sherman, Major Model Management, NYC

Everytime I look on the muse website I know I can always find some of the best new faces around.

-- Lana Winters Tomczak, VNY Model Management, NYC

I have had a long lasting relationship with Darren and Tiffany from Muse Models and have the utmost respect for their keen eyes for finding new talent as well as developing girls for large markets.

-- Kwok Chan, Marilyn Model Management, NYC